Hợp âm Fallen kingdom(Coldplay's Viva la Vida) - fallen kingdom

Ca sĩ/ban nhạc: fallen kingdom

tone [C]
I [Fmaj7]gaze off into the [G7]boundless skyline
[Cmaj7]Noteblock choirs playing [Am7]in the sunshine
[Fmaj7]Turn 'round pick up my [G]sword and wield
The [Cmaj7]blade that once forced evil [Am7]mobs to yield
[Fmaj7]And hope one day that this [G]chaos and[G]
Destru[Fmaj7]ction turns for the better
Never a bow in [G7]hand
That was [Emaj7]when I [Cmaj7]ruled the [Am7]land
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