Hợp âm Rough (English version) - GFriend

Ca sĩ/ban nhạc: GFriend

Tone gốc C#m: Capo 4
[Am] [G] [F] [C]
[Am] [G] [F] [E]
[Am]I just wanna get to you, but [G]I just don't understand
[F]I just wanna look at you, but I [C]don't know if I can
[Am]When I try to make my- [G]self into your day
It feels [F]unnatural, and it [C]seems like we [G]drift away
[Am]We're only a step [G]or two behind
But it [F]feels like the opposite [C]side
Oh I be- [F]lieve, that some day [C]you and I will meet
So I will [Dm]wait 'til e- [E]ternity
I [F]didn't know how to [G]say, that I [Em]love you in every [Am]way
If I [F]can make [G]things to be, like in a [E]dream or [Am]fantasy
I [F]wish that I can [G]be a little [Em]older to be strong and [Am]free
And never [Dm]let you go, [E]all through the rough journey.
[Am] [Dm] [G] [C]
[F] [F] [E] [E]
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